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Hi, I’m AH Shaheen
a Virstual Assistant.

I have helped the sales, marketing, and growth team of companies worldwide by providing Lead Generation, Skip Tracing and Data Entry services since 2015.

Md Alamgir Hossain Shaheen Skip Tracer & Lead Generator, Real Estate Skip Tracing, B2B Lead Generation, AH Shaheen

What We Offer

Real Skip Tracing Research

I have provided USA based real estate skip tracing services since 2015. Real estate professionals skip trace a property to find an owner's telephone numbers and email addresses for quick and easy contact. I am here to assist you for this services.

Virtual Assistant

We’ll handle everything from to app development process until it is time to make your project live.

Lead Generation

I provide Lead generation/ Email list building for sales, marketing, and a growing team of companies worldwide.

Linkedin Reasearch

Using our expertise in mobile application development to create beautiful pixel-perfect designs.

Digital Marketing - SEO Optimization

Your website ranking matters. Our SEO services will help you get to the top of the ranks and stay there!

Data Entry

A UX consultant is responsible for many of the same tasks as a UX designer, but they typically.

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What Clients Say


Micheal A. Cardone

Real Estate Salesperson

Landvision Property Search

Single Tenant/Multi-tenant Identification and Landvision Search

"Alamgir was timely and efficient with his work. He made sure to deliver exactly what was asked, and got us extra contacts. We would definitely recommend him and work with him again!"

Christopher S. Pappas

Principal Advisors

Real Estate Skip Tracing

"Great work! He exceeded my expectations and ensures client satisfaction. Work was done under minimal supervision, no need for follow-ups and you can rely that the job will be done on time. Highly recommended!"

Jonathan Ikenna


Real Estate Executives Research List (Emails and Phone Numbers)

“Md. has been invaluable to us!!!! Best kept secret on Upwork. He's very professional and prompt.”

Remi Omisore

Property Professional

VA for property lead generation

"Alamgir helped me with numerous projects. Each time he was been of great value and benefit. He is very responsive and communicative. Would recommend and hire for future projects."

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Contact With Me

AH Shaheen

Virtual Assistant

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via and call in to my account.

Phone: +88 01680 155095 Email: ah.shaheenn@gmail.com